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HopStic Chinese Jump Rope Games Made in USA by PetitBoo

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​HopStic.  Built on memories and re-designed by a Mother in the U.S.A.

One of my fondest memories growing up in France was playing at school with great friends on the playground.   Our game of choice was "Le Saut à l'élastique" made from what ever we could find and tied together.  We spent hours upon hours laughing, jumping, and enjoying the fresh air. 

Wanting to pass this along to my children, I found it a challenge to find a product which was long enough, durable enough, was exciting in color and most of all, was made in the U.S.A.  HopStic incorporates this vision into a product designed to provide lasting memories for generations to come.

Coast to coast development sourcing incorporates materials sourced from U.S.A. manufacturers in Rhode Island, and labor and packaging from Santa Ana, CA.

Our company is just me, a Mother with a vision and the desire to promote fun, exercise, and most of all, happy memories for my children on the playground, at home, and with friends.

Thank you for your interest in HopStic.  I hope that you enjoy this product.  I personally stand behind each and every one of our sales and welcome your feedback.


Geraldine Tait

CEO, Petit Boo

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